Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Dear Family and Friends!
So for those of you who aren't as familiar with Harry Potter, the Grim is a big black dog.  It is used in fortune telling to predict death. Story to come later.
Well this week has been full of mixed emotions! Last week a family was broken. Elder Watts has officially left the Kellyville First Ward. The ward was totally heart broken since he has bonded with them so much and to have him stay with us for only one transfer seems like a cruel joke! I always hate writing about transfers because it makes it sound like they die! So to finish Elder Watts is enjoying a happy life now in the Penrith Zone as a Zone Leader!
My new companion is Elder Escabarte! He is from the Philippines and I've only been with him for a couple days so far so I don't really know all that much about him yet. More to come on a future date! So far I think he's awesome!
Guess who is coming into the flat? Elder Kamoto! (He was in the MTC and in Cali with me but had to go home for knee surgery) Elder Keefer, who is also our new district leader, will be training him so I'm pretty exited about that! 
I think this one will count as the miracle for this week, so on Sunday Elder Watts and I were walking down the street to a members home. As we were going along we heard a bark from ahead of us. I looked up to see a large black scary looking dog eyeing me down (like I'm talking as tall as my waist, big rippling muscles and teeth that would make Chuck Norris cry). So in my head I'm like remember all that training you've had with animals? (none) You can handle this! (yea right) So what do we do?We simply step out of the way. I'll tell you that took some faith and quick thinking!! The dog simply ran by, looked back at us for a few seconds really confused and conflicted (I was still tensed and ready to battle if needed) and then just kept going along. I know a boring end to the story, but if it had gone any other way, I wouldn't be writing this!
I love it out here!
Another 6 Weeks to get some miracles in Kellyville!
Love you HEAPS!
Elder Gibb

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