Sunday, June 1, 2014

Camping Out......On A Mission!

Hello Family and Friends
Last week was a blast! We finally were able to meet with the Loesio family for the first time in five weeks, but I guess when you have nine kids you tend to get a bit busy! We taught them the Restoration again, this time using a movie. They are definitely visual learners and hopefully they'll start to progress a bit more now that they're starting to understand! It helps that all the movies have Tongan translations!
We had a very unique opportunity this weekend, Elder Han and I got to go up to ward camp! We didn't actually get to stay overnight, but still. It was really weird to drive 40 minutes out of the area, but it was super fun! There were a few non members/less active members there and so we were allowed to head up, and it all finished with a fireside (puppet show) that ended the night! We played some footy (don't underestimate two Elders just because they're in church shoes. They THRIVE in those babies!!) ate some food and taught a few lessons. Overall it was a blast!
Unfortunately I didn't see any wild life other than birds. However I did taste some sort of New Zealander fruit.  It was pretty good, but I don't remember what it's called.
Anyway! Transfers are this week and nobody knows what's going to happen!
Love you heaps!
Elder Gibb


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