Sunday, June 1, 2014

Infiltrating Hillsong

Dear Family and Friends
This week has just been incredible, and shocking! We had heaps of miracles. It started off on Tuesday when we went to the home of one of the less active/ part member families in the ward and we caught her just as she was about to go inside! We were able to set up some service opportunities and later that week we met her 12 year old son Zach who isn't a member yet. We'll hopefully see them again this week!
Then we went to Pale and Karen's home and the lesson went really well. One of the young men in the ward, Ashton, came with us and bore his testimony on the Book of Mormon. I tell you that kid is gonna be a good missionary! The real miracle though is that they invited us over for dinner that Sunday! We always struggle to set up appointments with them and often they dodge us, but this time they invited us over! YAHOOO!
The next day, Sister La'ulu had us (well Elder Watts) come help her with her net ball team's shooting! We found out that one of the girls was less active and so we will be helping them out a lot more in the future and Sister La'ulu might even have one of the families over for dinner for us to teach! Miracle!
Finally on Saturday (and if you've just been skimming through the email this is the part to see!) we got to go to Hillsong's church. The YSA had an multi stake extravaganza with heaps of performances and it was really fun to watch. The best part was that we had 10-12 missionaries, all over the building talking to the staff, non-members and the less actives who came, and then Elder O'Rirden of the Seventy came in! Moral of the story it was awesome (but I'm not going to lie, it was really uncomfortable watching the performances with all the music, I don't think I've seen so many 18-25 year olds look so squeamish at a church performance).
AHH and there is so much more I could say about this week, but that will suffice for now! I love you all HEAPS!
Elder Gibb

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