Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Buko Cream

Dear family and friends,
If you want to know what the best food in the world is then you need to find your nearest shop that has coconuts, sweetened condensed milk, and cheese. Oh and you'll probably need a someone from the Philippines! It's like frozen heaven... 
Anyway, it's been a great week so far! We finally had an investigator come to church this week! His name is Tom, and he said he wants to try and come every week from now on!!! It works our pretty well too because we'll be teaching his Sunday school class for the next few weeks! For all you Sunday school teachers out there, I feel your pain.
My favorite thing I learned from the week was when I was looking over the Christ-like attributes (Chapter 6 Of Preach My Gospel) and I loved the part on diligence where it says "diligence is steady, consistent, earnest, and an ENERGETIC effort in doing the Lord's work" (emphasis added)! I like the part about energy, (maybe it's because I have too much) because missionary work isn't meant to me boring its supposed to be engaging and fun!
Elder Escabarte is awesome! I think we're still figuring out each other a bit, but it's been really good! I think the transfer is going to be AWESOME!
I went and got myself some fingerless gloves for the bike rides! I'll tell ya, the weather is more bi-polar here than it is in Utah!  Well except the whole lack of snow thing.
I love you all heaps!
Love Elder Gibb

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