Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A White Christmas

Merry Christmas! Tudobem (all is well in Portuguese)!
We had a baptism on Sunday and it was AWESOME! Eleanor has been the most incredible investigator and I have loved teaching her.  Seeing how happy she was after her husband, Rowell baptized her was SO COOL!  When I gave the little talk on the Holy Ghost she was in tears because she is so exited to have that comfort and companionship. Let's talk about a golden investigator!

Library is closing early today since it is Christmas Eve so I'll tell my family more stuff tomorrow and they can post it.
Love you all! Hope you have an awesome holiday season!
Merry Christmas!
Elder Gibby(y)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Online Proselyting

Dear family and friends -
I LOVED THIS WEEK! I know..... I know..... I say that every week, but don't judge! Well Eleanor is set to be baptized this Sunday by her husband! She has been so fun to teach and she basically learns all the lessons before we come. Then she just bombards us with questions making it so much easier to teach her! Let me tell you, if there is one thing I have loved out here it is finding the answers to questions! For example, a few weeks ago we had a bible basher come up and he gave us a bunch of crap because of the whole Sabbath not being on Saturday thing.  I honestly didn't know why it isn't still at the end of the week. (I know I learned it in seminary at some point, but I also was very good at studying the back of my eyelids as well!) But I found it this week - it's because after the ascension of Christ we kept holy the first day as a remembrance of His resurrection!
We have an awesome opportunity out here right now! We are one of thirty missions who are going to be able to start online proselyting, AKA, Facebook, Skype, email, and blogging! Can I friend people back home? Yes. Can I talk to you a ton? No, but this is going to be super cool!  I'm not sure on all the rules and regulations just yet, but I know I will be starting a new account. What happens to my old account though.... unknown.
Anyway they just changed our p-day to Tuesday and because of this shift I don't have much time today to write so love you all!
Elder Gibb
P.S. I got a package from the Wright’s today from the whole ward.   Please express my love for them and let them know it meant the world to me, especially the Book of Mormon that had Sister Pututau's testimony in it. I can't wait to use it to grab an investigator’s attention!

Monday, December 9, 2013

I Actually Had to Wear a Jacket!

Dear Family and Friends,
Holy Hannah Montana! When Dec 6th hit and I realized it had been a month I almost laughed out loud! I feel like I've been gone maybe a week, max! I still am loving it out here!
Well the weather was pretty bad this week, I think I actually had to wear a jacket at one point! Life is still pretty much the bomb dot com. I'm still loving it too much for my own good. We had 5 investigators at church this week, it was so cool! It's really fun to sit next to them because they bring up questions that make you realize parts of our meetings that wouldn't normally stand out. A really fun experience is having a member come with us to a lesson, I highly recommend hooking up with your missionaries to do that. It's not only nice for us to have a fresh outlook on each topic, but the investigators love having someone there so when they come to church they can sit with them and feel welcome!
Love you all,
Elder Gibb

Monday, December 2, 2013

Leftovers in the fridge......it's paradise!

Dear Family and Friends!!!
Thanksgiving week was super fun! I had three different Thanksgivings, which means three cases of leftovers in the fridge, it's paradise! I'm starting to get more familiar with the area, and I'm trying to remember all the people that I meet, where they live, and what their needs are. But I think I'm starting to get it... kinda.
We found another new investigator this week, her name is Kate, she's a friend of one of the members (Ben Burns) and comes from a kinda broken home. She is full of questions, and trusts our answers because the Burns' have been so kind to her while they've been neighbors. Eleinor, who walked into church on Sunday asking to be baptized, is set up to be ready by the 28th of December. We found out that her husband is actually a member of the church, but fell away when he moved from the Philippines to America. She is super kind and really fun to teach.
So a dad of one of our ward families works for Disney Imaginary. He helps design the parks!!!!! It was fun to talk to him. He helps design our parks here but has also gone out to Hong Kong to help with their designs. He designed the Avengers monorail and now they are starting to create a Disney comic book with them, and he designed the cover. It sounds like it's just the best job ever.
I'm loving it out here, don't know what else to write... soooo
Love Ya'll
Elder Gibb