Sunday, June 1, 2014


Dear Family and Friends
Just in case anyone was curious, in Australia, Easter is a four day holiday.... so that means the shops are all closed on Friday, and Monday, hence the really late letter!
It was an incredible week last week.  The Bishop's son brought his friend to church! This has been quite a long process, but it was so good to see this young man come, and to feel the excitement of the ward about the work. Now we'll just get the rest of them to bring people!
This week should be really fun. We're going up to the ward camp on Friday, doing a fireside, and helping with the activities. Should be a blast! There will be heaps of non-members and less-active members there. Can't wait!
Our training we had yesterday was really good too, (even if it was an 8 hr meeting). We talked a lot about having visions for ourselves out here, and as we gain our vision, it will give us the energy to keep improving! We also talked a ton about why exact obedience is so important.  It was really powerful, it coincided with the impressions I had during General Conference as well, so it was really good!
Finally finished my first study of Preach my Gospel! I've been tearing up that book since I've been out and drinking it all in. It is such a phenomenal book! Tf you struggle with studying the gospel, sharing the gospel, or anything else, give it a look. Tt may be based mostly on missionary stuff, but it focuses a lot on your own conversion as well. It's super good! I can't wait to start it again this week!
Hope all is well wherever you may be.
Love you heaps!
Elder Gibb

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