Friday, January 9, 2015

The Furnace

Dear family and friends,
Recently our area has been referred to as the oven by some of our members. They've been trying to get us "excited" for the summer heat. However, the information they have provided was incorrect, because last Friday it got up to 41 degrees (105 F).
I felt my face melting off
It was pretty awesome! I lathered up in my scum-screen, and got to work. Most people were just being lazy in the shade so it actually made for a great day to go out finding. They couldn't run unless they wanted to get into the sun!
The work has been going really good here. It's progressing slower than we would like sometimes, but it is progressing! We're starting to see a lot more miracles and blessings which are always enough to keep us pressing forward!
Love you all!
Elder Gibb

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