Thursday, January 8, 2015


Dear family and friends -
Well I've been in and out of the hospital this week, because a couple of our ward members/ investigators have been admitted recently, and it was a really cool experience. Our investigators are there because their newborn has been struggling and they aren't really sure what is going on. We offered to give the baby a blessing, they gladly accepted, we explained what it all entailed and that it was all based on faith in Jesus Christ.
I have never felt the spirit more fully, or seen two people with as much faith as this young couple.  It was astounding. 
It made me think. So often as members of the church, or non-members, we are scared to ask for miracles. We don't want to do it because what if it goes wrong and our faith is shattered. What I realized though, is that when Christ was on the Earth that was all he did, He performed miracles.  Things people thought they knew would be impossible! Now of course we can't change God's will, nor should we expect to. But why not show a bit more faith, and pray for miracles? Heavenly Father and Christ want to bless us in all those ways, and if it doesn't work out, if it doesn't go the way you planned it, don't assume it's because you didn't have enough faith. Feel content that you trusted in the Lord's judgment, and have peace that what happens is what is or was supposed to happen.
Then of course the Sunday school lesson we were supposed to teach was on faith, so it's been on my mind.
We had a miracle filled week, and we are finally starting to find people to teach! 
Love you all HEAPS!
Elder Gibb  

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