Thursday, January 8, 2015

One More Week

Dear Family and Friends -
What an incredible past couple of weeks this has been! Elder Cecilio and I decided that we needed to find new investigators to teach since there hadn't been a new investigator for at least 4 months. It was time to change that, so a few weeks ago we studied chapter nine of Preach my Gospel. We took the scriptures one by one and up on our white board we listed every requirement or promise that we need to fulfill here on our mission that connects to finding.  Then on the other side of the board we put the promised blessings, and we put Heavenly Father and ourselves to the test. Each day we reviewed what we needed to do and at night talked about what we did or didn't do and looked for the blessing. Not to our surprise we now have another 10 investigators in our pool! We saw how each of our acts were guided and each blessing was fulfilled individually! It was pretty powerful
At one home where we were contacting a potential investigator we invited him to church early in the lesson. He turned us down, but unwilling to give up we continued to share the message of the restoration. As we continued we asked some question about prophets, and what that would mean to him and he responded "yea, what time is your church at..." He then explained why he hadn't been going to his church and that he wants to get back into church.

Needless to say the lesson we shared went in one ear and out the other, but I realized our lessons aren't for the doctrine. It's important, but it invites the spirit, and the spirit will do the work for us if we are willing to allow it in the lesson. It was proof to me that what I say has little to do with our success, its more about what and who they are listening to.
Today is going to be super exciting we are going up to the Blue Mountains! BUSH WALKING (a.k.a. Hiking)!!! I've wanted to do this since I've been in this zone, so I'm pretty excited!
Also transfers are this week!
I love you all!
-Elder Gibb
P.S. Conference was smash! I would talk about it, but you should just watch it for yourself. My favorites were probably.... yea all of them! (but Elder Bednar's was about missionary work, so he wins!)

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