Monday, February 3, 2014

Orange County Oranges

Jan 27 
Well as you can tell, oranges are in season out here... and... they're... DELICOUS!  Thank goodness my companion doesn't like fruit because we just get bucket loads from members every week of tangerines, oranges, mandarin oranges, and blood oranges. Pretty much anything orange we get a lot of!
Some fun facts for the week: Elder Leon my zone leader graduated from WX!!! Pretty cool huh?!?  I didn't really recognize him or him me, but then last P-Day I did some dorky dance move from Grease like Eugene, and he said, "WAIT YOUR THAT GUY!" Apparently my nerdiness actually amounted to something at that school!
I got a little bit of a sunburn the other day our because our bikes have been a little difficult and so we were walking around... so yep... I got a sunburn... in January.
The picture up on Facebook is me unloading 3 tons of garbage/ rotting wood/ and a tree, which we did a couple weeks ago for an investigator near by.  It was really cool though because I got to see an indoor dump.  There was so much dust in the air the light beams coming through the window look like legitimate  pillars holding up the roof. It was trippy!  Then you had like gigantor trucks moving around and if you didn't stay in your assigned square you would have been smushed like a little tiny bug... basically it was awesome!
I started to read the Old Testament the first week in January. I guess it's what you'd call my New Year's resolution. I just finished Leviticus and let me tell you, that is not an easy book to read.
All is well and I'm starting to get prepared to head to the land down under!
Hope you have a wonderful week!
Elder Gibb(y)

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