Monday, February 17, 2014

A New Country

AHHH there is so much to write when you get to a new country and sooooo little time to do so!
Forgive me if I miss some points.
So obviously I'm not dead and I made it alive...
Planes, they really aren't that bad, when you have an aisle seat, and no one sitting next to you, and everyone talks in an Australian accent so even the food sounds more appealing! It was a long flight, but I slept for about 7 hours of it so it went by pretty fast!
First thought when they opened the door was HUMID! I was sweating bullets as I got off that plane, and being in a suit wasn't helping the situation! Made it through customs all good though (although I did have to declare Almonds... Not gonna lie, when they asked me what I was declaring I kind of wanted to shout out ALMONDS MY GOOD SIR! But no worries mom, I refrained)! When we walked out (oh yea there was a sister on the plane coming from Provo, but we didn't actually realize this til the plane ride was over) there wasn't anyone there to get us.  So we waited, a couple of weirdos wearing nice clothes even though we were just on a plane. When President and Sister Howes showed up with the AP's it was a lovely sight! We had quick introductions and then we rushed off to another side of the airport because there were 17 other missionaries arriving.
After we had everyone together we all headed out with our trolleys to the car.  It looked like a scene from Harry Potter. As everyone piled into the vans they whisked us off to the Sydney Harbor.  It was so cool! The ocean right there, and you could see the entire city laid out ahead of you! Took some pictures, which I will send when I have more time, and then went to the mission office for dinner and orientation. It was right next to the Sydney Temple (which is awesome, went there today for a session) and took care of the business side of life! I had some time to talk to Elder Marshell, and Elder Orr (we were in the MTC together and had been waiting for visas).
Finally, and I mean FINALLY, our trainers came in (I get to do the training again!) and we made introductions, practiced bearing our testimonies in our new wards, and then headed out!
So after a sixteen hour plane ride, and then 8 hours of doing stuff in Sydney, I was ready for a rest! Alas, it wasn't meant to be.  I met the bishop and ward mission leader and then we headed off to the flat (cause that's what they're called here! so fun I'm speaking Australian already!) and went right to bed!
My new companion is Elder Han.  He is the district Leader for our... well district and is from America.  He is a Korean speaking elder and so I'm also learning Korean! He is a super cool Elder and I'm really looking forward to working with him.  He loves music (SCORE) so I think we'll get along just fine! The best way I can describe his personality is a Happy Panda. Yep he's awesome!
There are also two other elders in our flat from the Kellyville 2nd Ward (oh yea I'm in Kellyville 1st) and they are way cool too.  Elder Keefer is from Arizona, and Elder Chin Ah You is from Tahiti! Again both are really cool Elders! We kind of split a car between the both of us (I still flinch every time we turn because they drive on the left... and it's scary... really scary) but me and Elder Han are usually on bikes, so hopefully I will stay in some sort of shape that isn't round!
There is so much more stuff I could put in this email, but it is starting to get painfully long.  I can already feel your minds drifting off as you read this! So I'll talk about foods and everything else again next week... cause... I could write a book about all the cool stuff I've done (yes I've seen a spider... I don't want to talk about it... It was the size of my hand... and Elder Shin Ah You was like "oh that's just a garden spider, too small to worry about"...blah) I've tried on average about 7 new foods a day. had my first Islander workout (I'm still feeling that one, from Saturday) and am on a diet so when I go to my first "Tongan feed" my stomach will be big enough to handle the food so I don't offend them... like I said, I'm grateful for the bike.
It's very multi cultural, definitely nothing like Utah, at all.  And everything is in K's it's trippy, but I found out I only weigh 77 Kilos... whatever that means.
Ok I'm really done now, well until next week.
Hope all is well wherever you are!
Elder Gibb(y)
P.S. Two days, and a ward member already identified me as a Gibby!

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