Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Paddington Project

When Elder Gibb (Mitch) was a baby he had a stuffed Paddington Bear in his crib that followed him throughout his toddler years.  As he got older he said he wanted to save it along with his Paddington books and movies.  He and Paddy were quite the pals growing up.  When his dad and I had the opportunity to visit London we couldn't help but notice all the "Paddingtons" there and bought him a small Paddington souvenir.  As Mitch prepared for his mission he informed me he would be taking his Paddington along for the adventure.  Paddy was in his suit coat pocket at his farewell and with him as he entered the Missionary Training Center.  I love seeing these pictures of Paddington enjoying the mission with my Mitch.  Can't wait to see how they like Australia!


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