Monday, February 3, 2014

Hard to Leave

January 27, 2014
This ward is making it very difficult to leave! Yesterday there were multiple families stealing our food calendar to make sure they got on there before I left.  One of them came up to me and told me how grateful he was I came to his ward.  It kinda made me laugh because he said, "There hasn't been a missionary here before that would actually take time to get to know my kids, play with them, and then share a spiritual thought that would make them want to go on a mission. Well, one that could do that and actually have a civilized conversation with me and my wife."  I couldn't help but laugh a little bit.
Today we had a member who had to cancel on us for dinner take us out to lunch. We asked him if it would be ok if we stopped by the dry cleaners so I could get my stuff done before I left for Australia. When we got there I had my wallet out, but he just pushed my hand down and paid for it himself.
Basically, the best ward ever...Ever...EVER!  They remind me a lot of people in our ward.
Elder Gibb

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