Monday, February 10, 2014

I'll Be Back!

Dear Family & Friends,
Something about leaving an area you've been for three months kinda puts you right on the edge.  Especially when you have been surrounded by some of the best, and I mean best people in your life.
This ward has been incredible to work with, investigators and members alike. The impact they have all had on my life in the short three months I was here makes it hard to leave. They have taken me in like family, the made the transition from home bearable, and now I feel like I'm leaving home all over again! I'll definitely be back in couple years!
Then there all the missionaries I've gotten the chance to know.  This zone has been so fun to work with, and I will remember them for the rest of my life!
I'm really speechless for this letter, my heart is heavy. However I am sooo exited to go down to Australia! The flight will probably kick my butt, but I'm so excited to be in a completely different area, and to meet all the Aussies!
Hope all is well wherever you are!
Elder Gibb(y)

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