Monday, February 3, 2014

Last Week in the USA

Hello Family and Friends
So first off I finally figured out how to send out a "Mass" email.  I figured I'd just put you all on a weekly email list. If you want off, it's no big deal.  I'll just put you in the burn book and won't write you again. Whatever! (but really if you want off, no big deal)
So I'm hoping this last week out here in Garden Grove is going to be Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious! I'm super ready to go to Australia! My comp just rolled his eyes at me when I started to pack everything that I could, and started planning when to leave and what to wear.  I mean this is a big deal, a red or blue tie! Basically, I'm getting ready to "Step in Time" and "Let it Go" so I can "Seize the Day" down "Under the Sea".... Sorry I had too (thanks for the music mom! ;)
Found another connection to the Gibb's out here (I swear we're everywhere) So a member of our ward named Chandler Jennings,  is the brother of Casey Jennings who plays in the same league as Jake, and who played volleyball with Coleman at some point, and is good friends with Christine, and knows Grandma and Grandpa! Fun stuff right!
Had a really cool experience with my stake president last week.  His house was broken in to and so instead of being all bummed and depressed about it, he used his "Positoovity" and used it as an excuse to go and take us tracting in his neighborhood to "warn" (convert) his neighbors. We/He gave out 10 Boosk of Mormon, and got several potential investigators.  We only finished one side of the street, so we're going back next week to do it again! 
Hope all is well!
Elder Gibb(y)

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