Thursday, January 23, 2014

Once A Gibby.....Always A Gibby

I totally thought that once I got out here to my mission the name Gibby was going to die, I would only see it in emails from home and that would be that. Yet here we are, it took 6 weeks but it's back! Half the zone just calls me Gibby now, and it feels just like home ;)
Well it is transfer day, but I'm not moving, pretty exiting huh! Elder Peterson is off to Brazil this week though. He finally got his visa after waiting for eight months here in Anaheim. Found a fun connection last week. Sister Gillette who is in our zone was in Elder Curless' zone back in Provo. She said, "You're Conner's friend - yea, I can see it.  It makes more sense now." Not gonna lie. I felt pretty dang cool!
Eleanor was confirmed in church this Sunday and her mother came up from the Philippines. She's a very devout catholic, but she came up to us missionaries and was grateful that we had rescued her daughter.  It was a nice compliment, but was totally awkward. Like really awkward.
Last week was kinda slow.  No one really wanted missionaries over during the Christmas holidays, however a couple of them had us over for family parties. Let me tell you, I know some people in this ward a lot better than I did before ;)  I had tons of fun. The best Christmas present was of course the tie that the ward gave me that plays music... HAHA JK I got to see my family! All seemed to be well with them.  Loved listening to Stryder tell me about every present he got!
Feeling a lot more comfortable out here now, it's getting easier to teach and to talk to people in the ward.
Hope all is well wherever you are in the world
Elder Gibb(y)

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