Thursday, January 23, 2014

Golden Grove

Jan 13, 2014
Well seeing as not much happened this past week, I figured we would just take a moment and talk about my area, because it's the best. Area. Ever. Just so we are clear, BEST AREA EVER!!!
Ok so if you have never been down here in Garden Grove some of the nicknames are Garbage Grove and Gangster Grove. If you spend some time down here, there is some validity to those nicknames, BUT soon you start calling it Golden Grove or Salvation Grove!
The members here are so cool!!! We don't go a night without a meal. They actually ask us what they can do to help us move forward in the ward and we even have members who are on standby to go to lessons with us!   Like I said BEST WARD EVER! (well until Australia that is) 
We might be moving apartments soon because as of recently the tenet below us has picked up a nasty smoking habit, and it is starting to rise up leak up to our apartment.  We just got a candle but when our Zone leaders walked in it was UNACCEPTABLE.  Watching a Texan freak out about us not telling him our apartment was starting to smell was pretty entertaining! 
We had one of our investigators drop us this week. He sent us a text that he was going in a different direction but we could feel free to come and visit him. So as in typical missionary status we went as soon as we could to his home, we should up, and found out he had moved, and no one knew where he had gone. Apparently we scared him away from Garden Grove.... WHOOPS! 
All is still going well. The work advances and I love being out here every day! 
Love Elder Gibb
P.S. I lost my note book a while back and just got a new one, don't be offended if ya'll haven't had written notes for a little bit, I've got to catch up quit a bit, Family first of course...


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