Thursday, January 23, 2014

Holidays Just Aren't Fun Anymore!

So basically if we have a holiday on Monday like Martin Luther King Day, the libraries are all closed, and then the next day is like really, really busy, and I only have 20 minutes on a computer and AHLKSDHGAOWIEHGAOEJ!!!!
Alright so this last week, was pretty awesome! I had something called pho for the first time. (This would be a good one to ask Ping about) It's a Vietnamese food that is as popular out here as Wal-Mart. It's pronounced fur... I think it's either that or Fu... you pick. I don't understand when they speak. But it was SUPER good! It's got like beef and some weird rice noodle and some broth, and like some green stuff, and like, some... well actually I kinda took a don't ask don't tell policy. But it tasted really good with a little lemon!
Ha Ha!  I really thought Anaheim, California wouldn't be a foreign mission but I was SOOOO wrong. I have people down here trying to teach me Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Tongan, and Samoan, so I pretty much just sit and nod a lot.
There was stake conference this week and I'll talk about that more when I have more time because we heard from President Eyring, and the whole topic was member missionary work. You got to love it when life works out like that.
Any who I've only got thirty seconds and really wanted to send you something so......
Love you!
Have a Wonderful Week!
Elder Gibb(y)

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