Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Love The People In Anaheim

So apparently not only do they have me only email ya'll for a few minutes yesterday, but as soon as I log off my time - they're like " LOL you have your visa!!!!!!!!"
So when I found out my visa was here we were talking to a potential investigator. She was sharing a really deep emotional thing, and I was trying so hard not to start laughing and dancing and smiling.  Basically I probably just looked constipated!
On the bright side -  WAHOO!!!!  I leave on the 10th of February. Just enough time to try and get a couple more baptisms in 'MURICA!
Then the night came and it was a crushing blow when I started to realize what I was going to leave behind. I don't understand it, but in just these few weeks, I have come to love my area. To leave them flat kinda sucks big time. It's like the book I read at my farewell coming true! I don't wanna leave, I love the people.
My hope is that Facebook will be getting to the Sydney North mission soon and I will be able to reconnect with them quickly and figure out how they are doing!
Anyway there is my 2nd weekly update.
Elder Gibb

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