Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Power of Primary

July 13

Hello family and Friends!!!

First of thank you, for all of your birthday wishes! I love you all so much! I had a good birthday celebration yesterday and will probably be on a sugar high for the next month or so to recover! #guesswhogotcaptincrunch

Anyhow, the rest of the week has been spectacular! So my companion has the flu, which has been totally raining on our parade, but he refuses to let it hold us back! We met with so many people this week it was crazy!

 Hmmmm... I think this would be my favorite though

This week we met with a less active man who hasn't been to church since he was twelve and only became a member a 9. As we began to get to know him he asked if we could play the piano, I said, yea some songs. We asked him if he remembered any of the songs from church, and if he had a favorite. Of course the beautiful classic of "I'm a Child of God" was his favorite.  As we played, he remembered all the words, sang with us, and the rest of the lesson went like a charm! So lessons to be learned 1) always have your primary song book with you and 2) don't be afraid to use music!

It was awesome!

Another awesome thing about this week is the whole weekend we had a youth from another stake come serve a mini mission with us. So we got to basically show him what a mission was like, and it was a blast, his name is Brother Garret, and he was pretty smashing! 

This ward and area just keeps getting better and better! 

Love you all HEAPS! 

Elder Gibb

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