Monday, August 11, 2014


August 10
Dear Family and Friends!

Oh I love the mission life! Every day is an opportunity to try something new, meet heaps of people, and find miracles! It’s the best!

This week was pretty fun! So on Saturday we found out that Elder Wolfley is going to be the District Leader for the Penrith District, starting Wednesday.  It’s really strange because it's like mid-transfer, so he won't get any training or preparation; rather he's just going to have to jump right into it! It's all good though because if there is anyone who could handle it, it would definitely be Elder Wolfley!

We also had interviews with our mission president this week! I can't tell you how lucky this mission is, he is the best, literally. We came up with a fun way to counteract any doubts that we have as missionaries we've decided to take President Uchtdorf's advice and "Doubt our Doubts". Anytime that we come up with something like, "I will never find an investigator",  we make a note of it, and then during studies or that night, we will look up scriptures, or just reasons on our own about why that is wrong, there-by literally doubting our doubts. It's really actually quite fun! Maybe you'd enjoy it!

Other than that not much else not of the typical missionary life happened!

I hope you all have a great week!
Love you HEAPS!

Elder Gibb

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