Monday, November 25, 2013

It Might Be The Weed

Dear Family and Friends
I am loving it out here in Anaheim! The weather is superb and even though it rained a couple days, we were still rockin the short sleeve shirts! It feels so good to go out biking in the sun everyday, and my new favorite thing is driving past orange trees! They smell SO GOOD!
My apartment is kind of a downer. They just started to move the missionaries around this year and we are the last ones on the list to move. There is a smoker below us so it tends to reach into our apartment, and the lady next to us has offered the missionaries weed before! But before my mom freaks out, its a really nice complex, the people are pretty kind, and most of them are really chill about everything (might be the weed I guess).
I'm in a trio for this transfer because two of us are waiting for Visas. The other one, Elder Peterson, is waiting to go to Brazil, and has been waiting for 7 months... NO thank you. Our senior companion is Elder Pacheco (Pa-SHAKE-o) That only took me three days to say correctly... I still just refer to him as pistachio most of the time. The other two have been together before so I'm kinda coming in third wheel a little bit. But seeing as we're missionaries that isn't to much of a problem!
The members down here are just IN-CRED-I-BLE! They are so humble and love having missionaries around, I have been fed every night this past week, and this week is entirely full of meals. Basically I'm getting STUFFED for Thanksgiving. I have met a person who works at Disneyland  :0! and the best part, she is in charge of the technical crew :D! Needless to say we had a lovely conversation about gobos and lighting.
I have already taught a few investigators.  My favorite so far is Amanda. She is a 28-29 year old women with a single child who is majoring in anthropology. Discussions with her are just fun, she is totally open to the ideas we have and as we discuss it's almost like we are clarifying for ourselves what we believe. She asks some tough questions but it's interesting because I have discussed her questions before with my Trek Pa (Coincidence... I THINK NOT)!
I'm a little under the weather today, I was puking last night but I think it was just some bad food. I'm still a little queasy, but I'm sure it will be fine by tonight!
Wish I could better express how much fun I'm having down here... over here... up here... well here! It's really fun and just in the past week I feel like I've learned so much more than I ever learned in a month back home! Really quick note, one of the biggest challenges we face out here is that people don't want to go to church, the reason... they feel like they will be judged. Please don't make that the same situation wherever you are. We all make mistakes, some are just more visible than others.  Don't forget that you've felt lonely before too. Why should someone else feel the same way?
I love you all sooooo much!!!
All is Well!
Elder Gibb(y)

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