Monday, November 18, 2013

Here I Come Anaheim!

Hello family and friends,
So it sounds like most of you have heard that I'm not going to the land down under yet, instead I get to go and serve another mission in Anaheim, California!!  I haven't been given any information on addresses or anything like that, so email will probably be best at least till I'm settled in (does that even happen?)
This week was very cool, yet sad. I didn't think I would get so attached to my zone here but I already feel like I know them as well as all of you! It's funny how we've all come to love and admire each other. Everyone is so supportive and helpful and always greets you with a smile, I love it!
I'm so ready to get out into the field. I know I didn't spend very much time here, but I feel like I can't progress anymore until I really try it out and can actually see what I need to work on. I leave the MTC tomorrow at 2:30 in the morning. I can already tell you it's gonna be awesome!
I continue to have the reputation to be constantly humming, or singing, or kinda dancing, or snapping, or shaking my head... needless to say, I'm very lucky my companion does the same!!!! I've been told several times I look like a Hyrum, and I smile too much... not sure what that means... but it puts a smile on my face to think about it!
Last night's devotional was pretty much the best comedy act I've ever heard over a pulpit. The speaker was Mary Ellen Edmunds and I was in tears by the first line. She was so funny! A couple of my favorite statements were "if the church wasn't true the nineteen and eighteen year olds would have ruined it by now," and "I'll do my best, because that's all I can do, and if I do my best, Heavenly Father will carry me the rest of the way!" I loved that statement.  I can definitely utilize that because I find myself wondering if I'll be good enough sometimes, but there is no reason to doubt because if I just keep trying, nothing can stand in our way, I "have help from both sides of the veil" and "Mr. Nobody face" can't do anything about it!
I love you all! Keep sending me letters - I love hearing from you!
Elder Gibb(y)

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