Saturday, November 9, 2013

I Finally Got A Badge!

Dear Family and Friends,

I finally got a badge!!!  It's only the second day, but I feel like I've been here a month!  There is so much to learn and do each day - it seems impossible - and yet we manage to do it AND sleep!  My companion, Elder Litster, is from Kansas City, Missouri and he looks just like Neil Patrick Harris!  Ergo every morning he has to say SUIT UP before we'll get ready!  My district is really fun to work with.  I'm the only one here from Utah so it's fun to hear about the differences across the country.  The food is definitely not Mom worthy, but they do have a milk/chocolate milk dispenser so I'm pretty much in heaven here!  Our residence is very diverse.  We have us drama nerds and jocks doing pull ups as we speak!  (Yea, I'm just going to avoid that bar like the Devil!)

It's incredible to feel the spirit here, literally as soon as you start to doubt yourself or what you're doing another person bears testimony or you read another thought and you don't see how you could have had those thoughts.  I don't know how long my mother expects this letter to be, but I'm gonna end for day two.

I love all of you and hope all is going well!

Sincerely and Happily,

ELDER!!!! Gibb

Oh, also the first day about 40 of us worked together to help an investigator who came in and we held a discussion.  It was extremely helpful and showed us just how much we know and what else we have to learn!!!

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