Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A New Drug Dealer in Town

Family and friends,
The time is flying by here at the MTC right now, the days seem like weeks and the weeks seem like days. I've been called out as Gibby twice now as I've run into a couple elders and sisters from Woods Cross.  So far I've been nominated as best laugh and the kid who is way too happy!

I'm loving it here so much right now, the teachers are great, food is pretty kinda good, and the people are awesome! We actually got to teach our first real investigator last night, well real as in we don't know if she is a convert, or an actual investigator... they don't really tell us anything about them other than their names. Her name is Kya, she is super kind and really fun to talk to! She is from Russia and just moved to Utah with an old host family from her exchange in High school. She didn't seem very interested in the Church, but she wanted to learn more about the concept of prayer and that our Heavenly Father actually listens to us as we speak to Him.
I've noticed that's a recurring point here, people seem to believe in some sort of God, but if they do they don't think that He would love them like a father, instead they think He looks at it from more of an artist's point of view, He loves us as his creation, not as people. I can't wait to let people see that is not the case at all. Not only does our Heavenly Father love us but loves hearing from us as we pray and hearing all about our lives!

My companion and the other Elders in our room/district are way fun to work with, we have gotten along really well! A few of them are a little bummed because we just found out our Visas haven't come yet so we get reassigned on Thursday to a new interim mission! (Hopefully not to cold because most of us packed for Australian weather...)

Hope everything is as good back home as it is here!
Love you all!
Elder Gibb
P.S. Got the fantastic cookie bars today and everyone loved them. I have now been labeled as the "drug dealer" of our residency... figures.

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