Monday, March 24, 2014

Youth Water Activity + Missionaries = WATER FIGHT!

CRAZY week last week!
So for what ever reason I always feel like the last week of the transfers is always the most stressful. Even when you do the exact same thing as the week before. We did heaps of finding and most of it was spent just riding our bikes along until we saw someone. Then we would target them, bike really fast to them, slow down, and ask them if they want to learn more!  We found two new investigators this week! One will probably be passed off to the sisters that just came in, but hey, PROGRESS!
Since we were out in the sun so long, I may or may not have a chin strap tan from my bike helmet.  At least people can't say that I'm intimidating!
On Saturday we had so much fun it hurt... literally.  Water balloons can leave bruises - just FYI! We woke up super early and played basketball at 6:00 with some less active members and members.  Then we went and did yard work for two hours with a member.  He made us biscuits and gravy and it was so good!  Did you know they don't have breakfast sausage in Australia?   Any who, then we changed and got ready for English class, but no one came, so we went out to help with the youth activity... and may or may not have had a bit of a water fight !  I guess you only live once eh!?!
Finally found a spider that was picture worthy while I actually had my camera on me! Although you usually have your camera near by when your home right? Any who, this is a Huntsman Spider. It is very common here to name your Huntsman Spider because it eats cockroaches and keeps your home clear of bugs! However, it is large, it jumps large distances, and it was in my room!  I think our bug spray will be just as effective as the spider!
Not much else has happened. None of the missionaries in our flat moved this week, sisters will start serving in the ward this week, and the sky is still blue!
Love you heaps!
Elder Gibb(y)

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