Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Dear Family and Friends
It's been a good week.  Who am I kidding???   It's been a great week!  We maintained our 20 lessons, found a new investigator, and she came to church! M-I-R-A-C-L-E! Had some fun on Sunday when I got to teach the youth in the 13-14 year old Sunday School class! We were learning about the atonement and using comparisons to try and help others understand what it means. The lessons you can make out a paper clip.... I tell ya.
P-Day was super fun last week! We went to our Stake President;s mansion, and I mean like a gigantic amount of property surrounded by the bush.  Big enough to fit an entire zone of missionaries, with crackers (sorry biscuits) included! We got to play as a whole zone on his basket ball, tennis and volleyball court.  We look longingly at his indoor swimming pool and  I think we all almost "fell in".  We played pool, ping-pong, used his complete home gym, and watched a couple elders play squash.  Then went to dinner. It was  a very good day 
Had a couple of  HUGE storms this week.  Elder Han and I were out finding on Saturday and the sky was clear and blue.  Then within 30 minutes the rain was coming down so hard we were soaked within a couple of minutes.  We had our rain jackets luckily, but it was raining so hard it even broke through that resistance! As a last resort we walked to one of our member's homes who were unfortunately not home.  We started off to dinner hoping they would have some towels when we got there.  All of the sudden, the world turned white, and then a crack of thunder that was incredibly loud surrounded us! IT WAS SO COOL! We may or may not have screamed a bit, and my pants were already wet.  Needless to say, it may have been a good thing we didn't have umbrellas!
And since I've had this question about thirty times this week.....no, we are not Jehovah's witnesses.
Love ya Heaps!
Elder Gibb

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