Monday, September 29, 2014

100 Cookies

Dear Family and Friends,
You know I have yet to find a problem that 100 cookies couldn't solve! This week Elder Cecilio  and I delivered heaps of cookies to try and get to know the ward better, and, as is usual within the church, bribe them with some sweets to help us out! My favorite part though is when one of the sisters in the ward said after asking for the recipe, "Since when did Elders learn to cook and to cook so well? We used to through their food in the trash!"
We had a couple huge miracles this week with the part member families we've been striving to visit. There was one family in particular where the ward said that they would "for sure" cancel their dinner appointment with us.
And they did....
BUT we were able to convince them to have us over for just a short lesson, no dinner would be needed! So that was heaps good. We'll have to see if we can get back in there again soon!
We also found a less active man (who has like 6 kids) who wasn't on our records and after inviting him to a family fun night he said, "Well I don't know. I'm really struggling with my testimony right now."  That led in pretty well to our whole missionary purpose so we are going to see him again this week!
I splashed gravy sauce all over myself at the stake president's home... that was good...
All in all a pretty good week! I hope yours was just as good!
Love you heaps
Elder Gibb

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