Sunday, April 6, 2014

Suburbs - You Gotta Love Them!

Dear Family and Friends!
What a wonderful week!  I had Kangaroo for the first time!!!! It was in a stew with Lamb (also a first for me) and so I'm not really sure which one was which... but they were both definitely really good! Also we found another Huntsman spider in the flat this week.  Luckily we managed to preserve it's life from Elder Chin Ah You's attacks, so it can continue to kill our pests in the home! I'm thankful I don't have to worry about the bugs as much now that Aarogog is around! (So I name spiders now... there's nothing wrong with that) It's not as big as the last one, but still, pretty big!
We had Oreo night last Tuesday (Out Rescuing Every One) and I don't remember if I've explained it before! So if I have just skip this paragraph, if not read on! We have it the first week of every month, and someone in the Ward Council opens their home. Everyone in the ward is invited, and we along with the Bishop and Ward Mission Leader, come up with a list of names for the people we want to see. Usually it is a list of less actives, but occasionally members that weren't there last week, people who might need service, etc..
Anyhow! This week it was full of miracles! I went with the Ward Mission Leader Brother Lau'lu and we went to visit a couple of less active families that haven't ever really let the ward in and are usually pretty hard to get a hold of because they're very busy! We went around with our little booklets about family history this time. and it was incredible.  The spirit of Elijah is truly working among the people here! Within a few minutes they both wanted us to come back and show them how to get online and get started!!!!! It was incredible!  I've had to brush up on my knowledge a bit, and the website just gets cooler every month! Hopefully it'll amount to some more miracles in their homes!
Other than that it was a typical week.  Talked to heaps of people, met people from India, China, Japan, Chile, England, Finland, and a few Australians - you know, a typical week! HAHA, I love it down under! Getting more used to the culture (sarcasm) and learning how to do missionary work in the suburb mentality (mostly involves a lot of waving)!
Hope everything is going great for you where ever you are in the world!
Love ya heaps!
Elder Gibb
P.S. That is not my hand next to the spider, I'm not that dumb...

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